When darkness becomes one of the advantages of the enemy and threatens security for you or your team, you need to know about the techniques of combining weapons and a flashlight to give a decent response.

There are not many such techniques in the world. The described techniques of combining the lantern and weapons in the dark are developed by experienced specialists. Each of these techniques is recommended or adopted by various special battle flashlight review services and armies of the world. Successful application affected the name of the technique.

1. Adoption of the application of light search and tactical lights, which was adopted by the FBI

The FBI technique assumes this position: the pistol is held in the main hand; the lantern is taken into the other hand. The hand with the lantern is fully straightened and set aside so that the lantern is as far from the arrow as possible - this disorients the enemy. The lantern is held in the hand above or below. The known technique is convenient with the use of blinding powerful battle flashlight lanterns and where it is required to illuminate the territory of a large area.

2. Reception of tactical flashlight application, which is in the service of SFI / CCI

The lantern - preferably of small size - is pressed by an arrow to the cheekbones or to the neck, in this position it illuminates not only the target, but also the gun flare, so that the shooter is more convenient to aim. This allows you to effectively aim and fire in dark rooms. We must take into account the lack of this method - return. The arrow must have a strong hand to cope with the kickback, and also be able to shoot accurately with one hand.